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2023 Ford Ranger Raptor and F-150 Raptor: How do they Compare?

While other parts of the world have enjoyed the Ranger Raptor since 2018, the Ranger Raptor finally comes stateside in 2023. Since the 5th Gen Ranger became available in the US, buyers have asked for the smaller and cheaper Ranger Raptor. In the newly released 3rd member of the Raptor family, Ford Performance has taken cues from the F-150 and Bronco Raptors to develop the new Ranger Raptor.

2018 Ford Ranger Raptor Blue front

“While Ranger Raptor was inspired by desert racers, it’s also a supremely capable overlanding vehicle. Out of the box we’ve created an off-road vehicle that you don’t need to modify to get you where you need to go and back again safely.”

Ford Ranger Raptor Tailgate  logo detail red

Like the rest of the Raptor line up, the Ranger Raptor gets the standard FORD lettering grille, bead lock capable wheels, fender flares and more aggressive bumpers on the outside. And like the other Raptors it also has a whole slew of upgrades under the sheet metal.

With two Raptor trucks to choose from, how does the Ranger Raptor compare to the F-150 Raptor?

Extra Large and Extra Medium

The main difference between the two trucks is size and power. Raptors are wider and taller than their standard counterparts. Being a full-size truck, the F-150 is larger than the mid-sized Ranger. The Gen 3 F-150 Raptor measures in at 232.6 in long with a 145 in wheelbase.

2022 Ford F150 Raptor Red

Ranger Raptor dimensions have not yet been released, but the current Ranger mid-sized truck measures in at almost 2 ft shorter in length and wheelbase at 210.7 in long with a 126.8 in wheelbase. The 2023 Ranger should be around the same dimensions with the biggest difference being the ground clearance and width. 

The Most Powerful Ranger Ever

The F150, Bronco and Ranger Raptors pack a a twin-turbo V6 under the hood. The full-sized Raptor has a larger 3.5L motor making 450 hp.

Ford Ranger Raptor Engine

At its debut, the Ranger Raptor is the most powerful Ranger ever, with a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 making 392 horsepower— a huge upgrade over the current Ranger’s 270 horsepower EcoBoost 4 cylinder.

High Speed Desert Runs or Slow Rocks?

This may be the biggest determining factor for which Raptor truck you choose. Both trucks are designed as high performance off-roaders and have the hardware to match.

Ford Ranger Raptor Jumping in the dirt

Like the rest of the Raptor line up, Fox Racing Shox will be found under the Ranger suspension. The Ranger to get smaller 2.5-inch diameter shock bodies, compared to the Raptor and Bronco’s 3.0 in shocks.

Ford F150 Raptor Rear Suspension

Unlike the F150’s 5 link rear suspension, the Ranger has a Watt’s link rear end to deliver more control across rough terrain at high speed.

According to Ford, “The suspension upgrades in the Ranger Raptor make the most of the new FOX Live Valve dampers. The suspension adapts in real-time to enable exceptional on-road body control while absorbing corrugations and bigger ruts off-road with ease, ensuring maximum control and performance.” 

Ford Ranger Raptor Front Suspension Detail

Both Raptor trucks were built with high speed desert runs in mind. The Ranger Raptor is also a little more prepared for overlanding and slow speed rocky trails. Standard on the Ranger Raptor are front and rear locking differentials. The F150 Raptor comes with a standard rear locking differential. An optional Torsen limited slip front differential is also available.

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ranger Raptor sounds ready to take on whatever you decide to throw at it. If you are still torn between the full-sized F-150 Raptor or the new Ranger Raptor, you have until 2023 to decide which size Raptor truck you want to spend your money on.

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