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26 Car Owner Stereotypes and How to Avoid Them

Whether you like it or not, what you drive can say a lot about who you are. Certain types of vehicles go with certain lifestyles, such as minivans and soccer moms, Jeeps and outdoor-lovers or electric cars and environmentalists. But what does your ride say about you on a deeper level? Our editorial team has compiled a list of 26 makes and models and the most common stereotypes attributed to their owners. More importantly, in case you own one of these vehicles, we've provided you with tips on on how to avoid being just another one in the herd.

1. Subaru WRX owners all vape

At the very least, keep the windows rolled up so it doesn't look like your wannabe rally car is overheating. Or try sunflower seeds.

Subaru WRX

2. PT Cruiser owners wear Teva sandals and a hot-rod themed shirt

We're not saying Ross and Marshall's gives exclusive loyalty cards to their PT Cruiser customers. We're saying maybe they should. 

PT Cruiser

3. C5 Corvette owners all dress like dorky dads

Denim shorts, long white socks, a tucked in T-shirt and an optional visor. This is the final form of any C5 owner at the local Cars & Coffee. Just put on some pants and you can avoid this entirely.

C5 Corvette

4. Cummins owners are huge fans of themselves

Look...we get it. That 3 foot tall "C" on the back window doesn't stand for "creative." Why not go for the subtle look and impress them when the light goes green instead?

Cummins Ram Truck

5. Prius drivers are speed long as their phone isn't in their hand

This one couldn't be more true. You're more concerned with saving gas money and the environment than your own livelihood. Ease up, get a hands-free device and enjoy hypermiling. 

Toyota Prius

6. Nissan S-chassis drivers are always cold

Dude, what's with the sweaters? It's August in Phoenix but your S13 hatch just doesn't look cool if you climb out dressed appropriately for the weather. It's ironic, bro.

Nissan S-Chassis Car

7. Ford 7.3L Power Stroke owners actually brag about their high mileage

"410,000 miles, just breaking in. This is the million mile motor," said every 7.3 owner, ever. Look, your 250hp dinosaur of a truck doesn't make enough power to hurt itself. Just be happy you've gotten this far.

7.3L Power Stroke F-250 Truck

8. Porsche drivers are all dentists

Don't believe us? Go drive by your dentist's office and check the parking lot. Hey doc, maybe try something comparable but not as obvious. Like a Tesla.

Porsche Panamera

9. Miata owners are the experts in vehicle weight ratios

Now, this isn't really a bad thing, but it does get annoying sometimes. Quit giving away the secrets of the trade. Go pass that Mustang around the corner!

Mazda Miata

10. All baby-blue V6 Mustang convertibles are rental cars

Avoid these at all costs. The driver is usually looking at anything but the road, has no clue where they are and has a general disregard for the well-being of the car. 

Ford Mustang

11. Salvage titles don't scare FD RX-7 owners one bit

After all, LS-swaps aren't cheap, so talk down the price as far as you can. Just check to see if it's a flood car before you purchase it.

Mazda RX-7

12. A Super Duty driver's favorite two words are "Coors Light"

We haven't been able to nail down exactly why this is true, but our editorial team loves Super Duties and Coors Light. We're not going to argue this one at all.

A Group of Ford Super Dutys in a Line

13. Audi owners can't stop talking about Quattro or Bitcoin

OMG enough already. Just because you blindly traded a few hundred dollars for a $34.50 return on your investment while driving through a snowstorm doesn't make you better than us.

Audi S5

14. Subaru Forester owners care more about the environment than their own cars

Guys, just wash the car once a year. The bird poop covered roof and tree-sap on the hood isn't appealing, and it's probably devaluing the property in your neighborhood.

Subaru Forester

15. Volvo drivers still carry around Thomas Guides

Call them old-fashioned, call them obsolete, call them anything you want. But they'll get wherever they're going, and get there safely. That said, GPS units are cheap these days, so maybe check them out.

Volvo 740 Wagon

16. BMW drivers have no idea what a turn signal is

If you ever feel like your life has no purpose, remember that there are teams of people in Germany who are tasked with installing blinker systems on these cars.

BMW Sedan

17. Range Rover owners aren't the least bit outdoorsy, and they know it

But for some reason, the dealership salesman STILL insists on taking you for a test drive on their wannabe rock-crawler obstacle course to show you how impressive it is in an environment you will never enter.

Range Rover Driving Through a Muddy Wash

18. Chrysler 300 owners are still saving up for a Bentley

Fake it 'til you make it? At least you won't have the maintenance headaches of a Bentley. Actually, the new ones are kinda cool lookin'.

Chrysler 300

19. Nissan GTR owners have to tell you they could have bought a Porsche

"It's the car for real drivers," according to any GTR owner, who's probably not a dentist.

Nissan GTR

20. You have to be 55 or older to purchase a Buick

The exciting days of the GNX are long gone, and we're pretty sure their cars come with a complimentary 1-year membership to AARP.

Buick Lacrosse

21. MK4 Volkswagen Jetta owners used to be the "hot girl" in high school

Admit it, your senior crush drove one of these. It's too bad they all smell like melted crayons inside.

Volkswagen Jetta

22. Saab owners are always upset

You would be too if your car manufacturer built you an unreliable lemon then decided to cease all production and skip town. Maybe the Volvo was a better option, Daniel.

Saab Sedan

23. International Scout owners wish they had Bronco money

It's the red-headed step-child of the 4x4 SUV craze of the '60s and '70s. Scout owners are usually good with their hands, since nobody else wants to make parts for them.

International Scout

24. Duramax owners will use their Allison Transmissions to end every argument

You know what, we'll just say it. A transmission is not the end-all to a truck that's riddled with dozens of other issues, no matter how indestructible you claim it is.

Chevy Duramax Truck

25. FRS/BRZ owners' favorite two words are "group buy"

Ballin' on a budget is a familiar phrase to these guys. At least they're fun to drive.

Scion FRS

26. Jaguar owners don't do research before buying products

Sure, the commercials are cool and all...but what are you really getting for that much coin, other than future electrical headaches followed a possible four recalls?

Jaguar Sedan

We hope you enjoyed this list. We're confident there are many more car owner stereotypes out there, so if we missed one, drop it in the comments section! 

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