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5 Genius Ways to Outsmart High-Tech Car Thieves

Getting your call stolen is awful. And with modern technology, you’d think we were all a bit safer, right? But sadly, thieves are now using technology to advance their game.

Last year, police discovered that thieves had been using laptops to break into Jeeps, starting them remotely and driving away before owners even know they were gone:

More recently, a pair of Chinese hackers released a $11 key fob hacking device that is cheaper and more effective than the laptop method. In fact, the hackers claim that their product can duplicate fobs from over 1,000 feet away.

Here’s the incredibly depressing video:

But listen up, people: All is not lost! Don’t be freaked out by this seemingly protection proof technology. Here are a few cheap, smart, low-fi ways to ensure that you’re not a victim of a high-tech car snatcher:

1. Don't drive something people want to steal.

This is a good start. Of course most assailants want to steal Jeeps and pickup trucks. Between the underground resale market and chop shops, it’s a slam dunk. But if you’re rocking an early model Prius or a well worn minivan, they’re not going to even try.

car security

2. Put family stick figures on your ride.

If your car is cool, consider this even simpler solution. These hackers may be clever and sneaky, but they still have egos.  They sure as hell don’t want their homies thinking they like to play golf or have a wife that loves tennis more than stealing cars. Embarrassing? Yup. Effective? You betcha.

car security

3. Buy a manual transmission.

Another proven way to dissuade car crooks, particularly the young ones. If they can’t drive it, they can’t steal it. And let’s face it, if they can’t drive a stick, they really don’t deserve to steal it. Plus, watching them try would be hilarious. Your clutch may take a beating, but in the long run, it’d be worth it for the laughs.

4. Leave something scary in your car.

Like a police badge or a tampon. In my experience, young people also tend to run at the sight of dirty dishes or laundry that needs folding. But if they think you’re either a fed or a woman with her monthly curse, they’ll likely run away fast too.

If all else fails:

5. Keep your car insured.

Yeah, it sucks to have your car stolen. But somehow you’ll probably feel much better when your insurance company writes you a big fat check and tell you to go car shopping. That will make you feel much better, quickly. So don’t be scared, fob hacking may be real but so is stealing cars with paper clips. If we give in, they win.

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