5 That Should've Been Inside

With hundreds of feature cars in all the halls, there are bound to be a few that deserve to be inside but for some reason or another, are left out in the cold. Here are my Top 5 that should've been inside. 328_side_wagon bmw_wagon_328 bmw_328_wagon_cafe I would've loved to see Stan's BMW 328i Wagon with matching cafe racer in tow under the lights! *Would've made these pics easier to shoot as well! This amazing build includes full air suspension courtesy of Accuair, HRE classic mesh wheels, a custom rear trailer ON AIR! as well as a vintage BMW cafe racer...the green details on white complete a very detailed and clean custom build. Well done! lexus_gs_wing2 lexus_gs_wing Maybe it's the "Dad" in me now but sedan's and wagons have been catching my eye more and more. Here you have a VERY aggressive Lexus GS sedan with some great motorsport derived parts - crazy ass rear diffuser: Check. Giant wing: Check. Love the vented fenders...Carbon goodness and Weds wheels - CHECK. If I was a kid, my dad could pick me up in this LOL! fd_rx7_rb rb_rx7 JDM Nostalgia from the 90's at it's best...with a dash of Rocket Bunny to update it a bit. Great looking Mazda RX7 FD, Work Wheels, Bride Seats, Nitto Tires - Pair this up with my favorite Mugen NSX and you've got a JDM Dream garage. bmw_e36_tictac bmw_e36_tictac2 When Stance and Motorsport meet. Caged up track car with great 90's era race livery on this BMW E36 3 Series. Definitely a head turner right outside the Central hall. mugen_nsx_acura7 mugen_nsx_acura4 Last but not least, you know I had to include the MugenCEO NSX in this club. Can't leave these guys out in the cold again! Hope to see them re-upped and in the halls at SEMA 2015!


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