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SEMA 2014: Must-See Widebodies

It's a wide world after all - especially here at SEMA 2014! It seems as if the widebody bug has hit a good amount of feature cars in all makes and models - checkout some of the best below: m4_vorsteiner m4_vorsteiner_2 Our friends over at Vorsteiner brought out their latest creation: The Vorsteiner GTRS4 widens the platform by 4 inches up front and 7 inches in the rear. Automotive viagra LOL. 993_rwb rwb_993_2 Some say he can be credited for starting the over fender craziness, Nakai-San and the crew at RWB had the Sekund Entwicklung RWB Los Angeles vehicle in the iForged Wheels booth. lexus_rcf_rb lexus_rcf_rb2 Also adding to the widebody madness, TraKyoto and the Rocketbunny Lexus RCF. The hashtag #rocketbunnyeverywhere has been going around, but this is the first kit we're seeing on the RC-F and I must say, it's works extremely well. rb_nsx_nitto rb_nitto Also by TraKyoto, featured in the Nitto Tires booth - the Rocketbunny NSX. Wrapped in chrome blue, this was quite the show stopper - definitely gives an aggressive update to the almost 24 year old platform. 997_ls1_2 996_ls1 The Hawk Performance booth had a custom widebody Porsche 996 with...wait for it, a Chevy powered Motorswap. Blasphemy? Perhaps - but still an amazing sight to see. porsche_gt3_race porsche_gt3_racecar Another Porsche (hey, I'm the European car guy remember?) - 997.1 GT3 in the Toyo Tires booth. Motorsport-inspired kit courtesy of Vollkemmen Design. Color change on this one - definitely digging the giant race inspired rear spoiler. A staple of the 2014 SEMA Show, how much wider can cars get? Will the overfender craze subside and will molded fenders become more prominent? We'll see next year. #livefromsema
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