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6 Favorites From StanceNation Japan G Edition

StanceNation Japan returns once again with their G Edition event at Odaiba, Tokyo. The variety of cars is as large as ever with most cars being new or reimagined—so while we didn't get surprised by builds such as the hotly debated Ferrari 348TS or Daihatsu Mira Gino of last year, we did still find plenty of quality builds. What follows are 5 of our favorites with a full gallery above.

Stance Nation Japan G Edition 2017

StanceNation Japan G Edition is a collaboration event between StanceNation (USA) and Geibunsha, which publishes magazines in Japan such as Stance Magazine, VIP Car, Nostaligic Hero and Custom Car, to name a few. This brings close to 500 cars to the event, creating quite the backup due to the limited number of entrances—plus the fact that most of the cars in attendance have difficulty clearing anything over 1-inch high.

Stance Nation Japan G Edition 2017

1. Fairlady with a VTEC Heart

On the outside, the Ze Create Fairlady looks aggressive with its overfenders and rear slicks while sitting on a set of HRE wheels. Pop the hood and it's clear why the rear tires are so meaty as an HKS supercharged F20C engine sits neatly in the engine bay.

Stance Nation Japan G Edition 2017

2. Cima

This Y32 Cima was finished just in time for this year's event and features a modified E30 Rocket Bunny fender kit with a set of Work Seeker SXs. This Cima also has a bit of secret in the form of an RB26DET swapped in.

Stance Nation Japan G Edition 2017

3. Candy NSX

Suguru Ishai brought his freshly painted NSX to the event. Previously a teal color, the new candy red features a metal etched flame base which had many people asking him how he did it. Having only finished putting it together the night before, it was a bit of scramble to get it finished, but he succeeded and is looking forward to getting it out on the track.

Stance Nation Japan G Edition 2017

4. Violent

This Z33 is bound to catch your attention with its bright mustard color finish and flush-to-fender tire fitment. It is definitely a love or hate reaction and becomes a bit more so when you see that the interior is fitted with what looks like a full switch board and cool air duct for the driver.

Stance Nation Japan G Edition 2017

5. GT300

A car you would normally expect to see at Fuji Speedway or Tsukuba Circuit, this RX7 with full RE Amemiya GT300 aero was a pleasant surprise. If you feel it looks a bit different than the RE Amemiya GT cars that run the same aero, you would be right. As the you compare the fender cutouts, you will notice this does not appear to have as big of a wheel and tire combination as the real GT cars.

Stance Nation Japan G Edition 2017

6. Still Mad

The Mad Max-themed Odyssey that we spotted earlier this year at the Mooneyes Street Car Nationals returned with less barrels and bit more WTF. Barely recognizable as its former self, the owner must keep a stock of tetanus vaccine on hand in the event he or anyone else walking by gets an accidental poke.

Stance Nation Japan G Edition 2017

Look through the gallery above to see all the variety on hand at this year's StanceNation Japan G Edition.

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