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7 Slots of Sunshine: KMC Jeep Bash 2017 [Gallery]

As if we need a reason to hang out with a bunch of Jeeps down by the ocean... This weekend we headed to the 3rd Annual KMC Jeep Bash in Long Beach, California, to check out all the rigs lined up at Shoreline Aquatic Park. The event was just about all you could ask for in a Jeep meet: 250 Jeeps, food trucks, a great vendor row and a huge raffle with awesome prizes.

Since 2015, EVO Manufacturing has teamed up with Jeep, KMC Wheels and Nitto Tire to bring Jeeps of all kinds together in a picturesque setting across from the Queen Mary. In typical Jeep fashion, no two were alike. The West Coast definitely brought the big toys out to play this year — featuring some of our favorite rigs, including Mel Wade's Spicy Chicken and KMC's Black Badger.

Browse through the photo gallery above and let us know which Jeep is your favorite in the comments below!

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