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7.3L vs 6.0L: Which is the Better Power Stroke Engine?

Ford Power Stroke diesel engines have been the topic of many debates since they first hit the market in 1994. While many agree on certain topics, such as the problematic 6.4L’s predisposition to catastrophic failure making it the least-desired Power Stroke produced by Ford, other topics are hotly contested. One particular debate that is sure to strike up a heated conversation, is the infamous 6.0L vs the legendary 7.3L Power Stroke.

Which Powerstroke is better

While lacking the power numbers of the newer engines, the 7.3L, nicknamed the million-mile motor, has been proven for over two decades to be the reliable and dependable option between the two. Conversely, the 6.0L is plagued with several points of failure from the factory, but can make big, reliable power if you’re willing to break out the pocketbook. But which engine is actually the better choice between the two? Click here to watch the video to see the pros and cons of each engine, and decide for yourself which Power Stroke you’d rather have under your hood.

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