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9 of the Hottest New Aftermarket Products From the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari

The week of the Easter Jeep Safari is topped off with an expansive two-day vendor show at the Old Spanish Trails Arena in Moab, Utah. Manufacturers and retailers from all over the globe set up displays and vehicles to showcase their newest and coolest products to attendees. The show has grown considerably over the years and now takes up the full interior of the arena, plus one of the large parking lots. So many vendors want to get booth space that the arena is maxed out, and many have to be placed onto a waiting list.

001 2017 moab ejs cool new products vendorrows

We walked the show several times at this year's EJS to seek out the latest and coolest products available from some of the best aftermarket companies in the industry. Here is what we found.

ReadyLIFT-AMI Billet Accessories

002 2017 moab ejs cool new products readylift

ReadyLIFT and its parent company AMI brought out its new line of billet accessories. The product line includes full replacement door handles for Jeep Wranglers, billet inserts for the factory door handles and billet adjustable grab handles.

Fabtech Custom Products

003 2017 moab ejs cool new products fabtech

Fabtech Motorsports pulled out all the stops and brought out four of its custom-built rigs displaying a host of custom and production products. The company recently expanded its Jeep Wrangler suspension line with both short- and long-arm long travel systems that can get more than 10 inches of travel without breaking a sweat.

Rigid Industries Adapt LED Light Bar

005 2017 moab ejs cool new products rigid

Rigid Industries recently introduced the new Adapt LED light bar, which they hope is going to change the LED lighting industry. The Adapt light bar comes in many popular lengths and can change from a flood to spot light via a fully programmable switch panel. Because we all like a custom look, the Adapt also has built in accent lighting with a ton of colors to go along with your style.

Bestop Zipperless Jeep Soft Top

006 2017 moab ejs cool new products bestop

Bestop brought out its brand new Trektop NX Glide that is revolutionizing the Jeep soft top by doing away with zippers entirely. Using a combination of hook closures and a sliding track, the side windows of the top can be removed and reinstalled with no fuss.

JKS Coilover Conversion System

008 2017 moab ejs cool new products jks

JKS Manufacturing debuted their new bolt-in coilover conversion system for 2007 to 2017 Jeep Wrangler featuring a 2.5-inch diameter Fox coilover with reservoir. The system will be available both with a full JKS suspension system and separately and offers 10-inches of travel. The conversion comes with Fox hydraulic bumpstops and comes preset at either 2.5- or 3.5-inch lift heights.

AnzoUSA Rechargeable Work Light

007 2017 moab ejs cool new products anzo

AnzoUSA set up a booth showing off all its advanced LED lighting products and brought along its new 10-watt rechargeable work light. The versatile light is said to pump out 800 lumens, be maintenance free, weather resistant and has multiple pivot points to aim the light just where you need it.

ICON Alloys

004 2017 moab ejs cool new products icon

ICON Vehicle Dynamics launched a new wheel line named ICON Alloys. The wheels were designed with the off-roader in mind. Each was engineered to maximize caliper clearance and optimize wheel positioning. The backspacing was strategically designed to reduce scrub radius to help improve the vehicle’s overall handling both on-road and off.

Bug Out Tire-Mounted Rack System

009 2017 moab ejs cool new products bugoutrack

Bug Out Rack brought its new tire-mounted rack system that will make any off-road short on space happy again. Up to three laser cut 10-gauge steel racks can be strapped to the spare tire using the provided two-inch wide strap that wraps around the circumference of the spare tire and a secondary safety strap runs perpendicular through the wheel. Each unit has a 50-pound weight rating and comes with Grade 8 hardware to secure nearly anything you want.

Klinzmann Fabrication Collapsible Jack Stand

010 2017 moab ejs cool new products klinzmann

The Stash Stand by Klinzmann Fabrication will change the way you do trail repairs. The collapsible jack stand is built from 3/16-inch steel, has a suggested 4-ton weight limit and has been tested up to 20,000 pounds without failure.

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