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9 Reasons Why the Ferrari FF is the Best Daily Driver You Could Ever Want. Period.

Allow us introduce you to a car that some feel has an appearance that can be characterized as a lovechild between a Chevy Corvette Stingray and an AMC Pacer. Others say it’s a crowning star on Ferrari’s stellar model lineup. No matter what your opinion, (and you’re sure to have one), chances are slim you’ve ever driven, and even slimmer that own, a Ferrari FF. While Ferrari probably isn’t the first make of automobile to cross your mind when “daily driver” is mentioned, the owner of this 2015 FF claims that Ferrari’s first-ever production four-wheel drive is the best daily driver he’s ever had. Here are nine reasons why:

1. Power and comfort are perfectly balanced.

Not everything powerful is made to handle public roads. And, not everything comfortable is really meant to be driven enthusiastically. Having also tried the Speciale for daily commutes, the owner had this to say, “The Speciale is fast and exhilarating, but noisy as hell. The FF gives you some of that same exhilaration and speed while still providing the comfort needed from a daily driver.”

2. The handling of the FF’s unique 4WD 4RM provides confident and nimble control.

Ferrari claims the patented 4RM as the “main innovation” of the FF. It’s 50% lighter than it's standard 4WD and is designed to rapidly adapt to every road surface, including snow and ice.

ferrari ff daily driver review 03 kcline

3. The Ferrari FF elicits a response.

Love it or hate it, the FF’s design is a point of conversation. If you don’t live in Los Angeles, London, or Dubai, chances are you may never have seen a Ferrari FF in person, but you’ve probably got an opinion on its unique looks. Among serial Ferrari owners, it’s one of their longest kept cars and exotic car fan boys will have respect based on the FF’s key characteristics and rarity, no matter how they feel about its design.

4. Have you heard it?

Who wouldn’t want to listen to the beautiful wail of this engine on their daily commute?

5. And when you don’t want to hear it… turn off the noise.

Seeking that balance of race car and commuter, the Ferrari FF allows the driver to switch between sport and comfort exhaust tones. So, if you’re on that important business call or taking Grandma out to dinner, no worries about that pesky exhaust noise interrupting conversation.

ferrari ff daily driver review 05 kcline

6. The panoramic sunroof is a site to enjoy.

While it doesn’t open or auto tint, the glass adds to the FF’s elegant and comfortable cabin space.

7. Every single part of it is built with comfort and performance wedded.

From the long wheelbase (117.7 compared to the 458’s 104.3 inches) to its smart pre-fill brakes, at each curve the Ferrari FF is a well-rounded car.

8. Easy exit.

While many exotic cars will have you performing yoga poses to get in or out of them, the Ferrari FF provides easy access. So, even after doing the Crossfit squat challenge, you won’t need to worry about tripping over yourself at the front of the valet line.

ferrari ff daily driver review 09 kcline

9. Did we mention power?

This V-12 is 25% lighter and has a top speed of 208 miles per hour with an incredibly useful powerband. Like any performance engine, it doesn’t like being stuck in heavy traffic for too long – but man can it smoke that jerk in the M5 who just cut you off.

What's your favorite daily driver? Comment below!

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