A Year Behind the Lens

2014 was a helluva year. I spent these past 12 months traveling back and forth across the country capturing life and the world around me. Getting a unique look on things through the lens is, I think, what I love most about my work as a photographer. Through the year, I made tons of new friends and met awesome people who do some amazing things. My most memorable moment was driving coast-to-coast with my family, something I have done countless times, but I wanted to share the experience with my family. To see the country by means of the great interstates is truly something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Earlier this year, the closing of Rod and Custom magazine marked the end of a chapter in my life. Rod and Custom was a client that I liked to call family. It was a shock to everyone in that world that the doors were closing, but I could see the end as the machine always moves on for the good of itself. Working with them enabled me to meet some of the most amazing people and car builders in the world - most of which I call friends and always will. The "family" part was really the people behind the mag, Rob Fortier, Aaron Kahan, and the limey Kev Elliott. These guys gave it all they had and did it with pride and understanding. With them leaving, new relationships were born. As the old saying goes, when a door closes another door opens. Some say print is dead and as I'm writing this for an online source, maybe it is. I still would like to think we all want something we can sit down with read from cover to cover and put on the shelf for later reading and memories (which is actually one reason why DrivingLine recently released it's first quarterly print edition). As I went through my hard drives to choose my favorite pictures from 2014, I couldn't help but think I need to work harder and do more. It was humbling to find that I really only loved a handful of things. I am my own worst enemy, but that is what makes us grow. I will remember this going into 2015 and try to bring you the best I possibly can. Cheers and have a wonderful holiday season!

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