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A Year of Cars From the Vault

It's that time again... December signals the closing of 2014 in preparation for a fresh new year. Not only has DrivingLine published 434 articles so far this year, traveled thousands of miles gathering car stories, and unveiled it's first print edition at SEMA - we've also consistently shared selections from the Cars From the Vault at The Petersen Automotive Museum. We love that each of these cars is not only beautiful and fast (usually) but they each come with a story. Whether historically important, cinematically famous, a step in the car's evolution, or just plain quirky - each car at The Petersen has a good reason for being there. If you can ever make it for a visit, we highly recommend it! Until then, take a look at our Cars From the Vault coverage this past year and see what you've missed!

9 AMBR Winning Roadsters


Rita Hayworth's 1953 Ghia-bodied Cadillac


Green Hornet TV Series' "Black Beauty"


Custom Popemobile vs. Saddam's Benz 600


Chapron-bodied 1953 Delahaye


1966 "Mongrel T" Movie Car


24K Gold 1981 DeLorean


1929 DuPont Speedster


1964 Porsche 901 (yes, 901)


What Could Have Been: 1959 Corvette Italia


1946 Miller-Ross Page Special


3-Wheel Engineering Triumph: 1948 Davis Divan

davis-divan-1948-petersen-vault-feature We'll continue featuring our monthly Cars From the Vault in 2015, bookmark DrivingLine and visit again soon! Something you're dying to see from down in the Vault? Let us know in the comments!

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