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After Hours Touge With Mad Mike at Ebisu [Video]

After a tough weekend at Formula D Japan Round 2 at Ebisu's West Course, Mad Mike needed to release some steam. Legendary drifter and owner of Ebisu, Mr. Kumakubo, suggested a trip through to the mountains. So that is exactly what he did and precisely where we followed him.

Mad Mike Ebisu Touge Course

Tucked away in the vastness that makes up Ebisu Safari Park are seven different courses, including a touge course. The touge course simulates the many mountains that can be found throughout Japan and is a great place to try your hand before risking falling off the side of a mountain. As if it was a competition, Mr. Kawato and the TCP Magic team got Mike's car prepped to attack the touge course and after a couple of laps, Mike was ready to go.

Mad Mike Ebisu Touge Course

With the sun illuminating the distant mountains, darkness started to envelop the touge course bringing with it a calming silence. The setting was serene, but that was soon to be broken as the distinct thunder of a twin-turbo four rotor came to life. BRAPP!

Mad Mike Ebisu Touge Course

HUMBUL made its way through the course like the forest beast Nago from Princess Mononoke — snarling and screaming its way through, leaving a trail of smoke through the entire course. After a few passes, Mad Mike and HUMBUL had finished what it came to do, and silence fell once again in the mountains.

Mad Mike Ebisu Touge Course

Take in all the excitement of Mad Mike's after hours touge session in Red Bull New Zealand's video. More shots in the photo gallery below.

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