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All-Electric Ford F-150 Prototype Moves 1 Million Pounds

Back in April of 2019 there was an announcement that Ford had invested 500 million to partner with Rivian. As part of the deal Ford was able to construct its own vehicle using Rivian’s “skateboard” all-electric truck platform. Today, Ford released a teaser video of the all-electric F-150 prototype, but it wasn't just a sizzle reel of the bed and headlights. Ford decided to show off what the truck was capable of in wild fashion.

All-Electric Ford F-150 Prototype

Keep in mind that work trucks need low-end torque—and the best part about an electric motor is instant torque. Ford decided to show how practical that instant torque can be by moving well over 1,000,000 pounds in the form of freight cars loaded with 42 Ford pickups (see the video here).

All-Electric Ford F-150 Prototype moving 10 freight cars and 42 Trucks

In line with electric motor's instant torque is neck-snapping zero to 60 times that used to be reserved for super cars and dragsters. Rivian claimed 0-60 times of three seconds, so we speculate that the Ford will be somewhere in that range, along with a range of approximately 400 miles.

Al-electric Ford F-150 Towing 10 Freight cars

We’re excited to see what other specs come out from Ford, but the release of the F-150 all-electric truck stunt is certainly exciting and promises more torquey goodness right around the corner.

Click here to read about the specs of Rivian "skateboard" vehicle platform and the possible specs of the new Ford All-Electric F-150.

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