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All New Fourth Generation Honda Fit Debuts in Tokyo: But is it Coming to America?

This week at the Tokyo Motor Show Honda took the wraps off the new fourth generation Fit (also known as the Jazz in other markets) and while the redesigned subcompact hatch certainly looks promising, there’s some question over whether this version of the car will make it to America.

2020 Honda Fit Hybrid White

Ever since it’s debut in 2001 for the Japanese market, the Fit has been know for its small outward size, incredibly spacious interior and surprisingly fun driving dynamics—and the new fourth gen car looks to carry on those traditions.

2020 Honda Fit Interior Brown Leather

Sporting a look that’s still recognizable as a Fit but with a slightly “cuter” personality, the new Fit will be offered in five different types for the Japanese home market, including one model that’s more luxury oriented and one with a heavy dose of outdoorsy crossover style.

2020 Honda Fit Crossover Blue

While Honda’s press release was filled with info about the new Fit’s interior layout, advanced safety features and the two-motor electric powertrain in the hybrid models, it didn’t release any info about the rest of the Fit's powertrain options.

2020 Honda Jazz Hybrid White

In the past, the JDM Fit lineup has always included an RS version of the car aimed at enthusiast drivers complete with a manual transmission and a racier look. There’s been speculation that model may use Honda’s new 1.0 liter turbocharged three cylinder engine that’s available in the European market Civic.

2020 Honda Fit Hybrid Interior

Here in the US meanwhile, the Fit arrived for the 2007 model year and has been available ever since, with production moving from Japan to Mexico for the current third generation model. However, with small car sales dwindling in the US, Honda hasn’t said anything about whether the fourth gen Fit will make to America.

2020 Honda Fit Hybrid Blue

While it would be hard to blame Honda for adjusting to current market demand, the Fit has always been an underdog enthusiast favorite that punches above its weight and we certainly hope some version of the new and improved fourth gen model eventually makes it way to American shores.

Speaking of other new Hondas we'd like to see in the states, check out the retro styled, rear-drive Honda e electric car that will go on sale soon.

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