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An Overland JK That Is Built for More

This particular Jeep JK Overland had an easy life as ARB’s SEMA display vehicle for the last 2 years. ARB 4x4 Accessories is THE name in overland vehicle equipment. Their bumpers, suspension and roof racks are the go-to choice for worldwide expeditions, but 4x4’s of all type run the ARB Air Locker selectable locking differentials. To prove that their equipment isn’t limited to overlanding, and to have a little fun, they sent their outfitted 2012 Jeep JK to tackle the Peterson’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Ultimate Adventure. Before heading off to Alabama for the start of the journey, they upgraded the rear axle with a bolt-in Currie F9 Ford 9-inch rear axle (outfitted with an RD99 ARB Air Locker selectable locking differential, of course) and a new set of 37-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers on Walker Evans beadlock wheels. The rig was also equipped with ARB’s 4 inch suspension system (JK4) and front Stubby Bumper, designed specifically for the Jeep JK.


In a bit of bad luck, the JK suffered some significant damage early on. The rear output yoke on the transfer case shattered after some contact with a large boulder. The vehicle was done for that day, but the ARB team got the truck back together after a late night of work at Off Road Connection in Birmingham, Alabama. They had to do a little “customizing” to a new yoke, but were back with the group the next morning.


From that point on, the ARB JK tackled everything the Ultimate Adventure had to offer without an issue.


ARB joined the Ultimate Adventure as the Official Locking Differential sponsor. This unique product was hidden within the axles of their JK and many of the other vehicles participating in the trip. The ARB Air Lockers allowed the vehicle to put traction to the ground through all four Nitto Trail Grapplers, proving true four-wheel drive capability. The selectable differential uses an air-actuated gear to lock the internal spider gears to the differential case, providing even distribution of driveline power to both axle shafts at the flip of a switch regardless of the surface conditions. Lockers are a must have when you tackle a trail where you may not have all four tires on the ground.


Many of the Ultimate Adventure participants also had their vehicles equipped with ARB’s Freezer Fridge. Able to run off 12-volt or 110 AC power, these fridges allow anyone to have cold food and beverages on the trail or in camp. Having a fridge on this trip made it easy to carry food and cold water during the long days on the trail.



The ARB JK made it through the event with only a few spots of rock rash on the body and rock sliders while also tweaking the factory tie-rod

. Off-Road_Ultimate_Adventure_gallery_ARB_02

Their truck drove over 3000 highway miles in addition to the full days it spent on the trails taking on the same challenges as some extremely customized rigs. ARB accomplished their goal in proving their equipment can handle such a grueling test of endurance. Find out more about ARB at

Off-Road_Ultimate_Adventure_gallery_ARB_05 Off-Road_Ultimate_Adventure_gallery_ARB_08


  • ARB Stubby Bumpers
  • Nitto Trail Grapplers
  • ARB LED Intensity Lights
  • WARN 9.5 CTI
  • Walker Evans Beadlocks
  • MCE Flares
  • ARB Recovery Gear
  • ARB Outback Solutions drawers
  • Front Axle: Dana 44 (truss by Jantz Engineering)
  • ARB Air Locker
  • ARB Diff Cover Rear Axle: Currie 9-inch
  • ARB Air Locker
  • Old Man Emu JK4 Suspension


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