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Art in Motion: Post-it Notes That Won't Go Unnoticed

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen this amazing artwork... done entirely on Post-it notes.

Galpin Auto Sports designer Doug Breuninger found his inspiration after attending a local art show in Los Angeles and seeing other types of original art, all done on Post-it notes.

You may remember Doug from our Ferrari Re-Imagined video, where he drew up this badass off-road 488 GTB concept, fitted with Nitto Ridge Grapplers:

Ferrari Re-Imagined

Fascinated with the idea of learning how to do gouache paintings since design school, he decided to try his hand at drawing cars on Post-it notes. They were the only thing he had sitting around, so he started practicing with this medium.

“It was instant love and pure enjoyment,” Doug says. “I love the entire process, the challenge of painting at such a small scale and, most of all, how it looks when it’s done!”

More than 150 Post-it notes later, and he’s motivated more now than ever to improve his skills, continuously challenging himself to work with scale and detail in his quest to “level up as an artist.”

To see more of Doug's original artwork or purchase prints, visit

Browse through the photo gallery to see each piece that's featured in the video at the top.

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