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Batman Meets Mad Max? The Latest Movie Batmobile Goes Full Muscle Car

Over the decades the iconic Batmobile has been updated even more than the masked superhero who drives it. In the last 50+ years the Batmobile has gone from the George Barris-built custom machine of the '60s to the finned supercar of the 1990s and most recently to something that looks more like a tank then a car.

With the latest reboot of the movie franchise due to hit the big screen next year with a film simply called The Batman, director Matt Reeves has just dropped a few teaser shots of the new Batmobile from the film and it represents a dramatic (and cool) departure for the legendary movie machine.

The Batman 2021 Batmobile Rear

As you can see, the shadowy illustrations show a car that looks more like something from Fast and the Furious than Batman. While it's not an actual existing car, the new Batmobile has a very clear classic muscle car shape to it—with a lot of inspiration from cars like the Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro of the late 1960s.

However, rather than the front-mounted engine of those cars the new Batmobile packs what looks to be a V8 or V10 engine in the rear with wide body panels and fat tires all around. With its flat black finish and overall gritty aesthetic, it also brings to mind the cars from Mad Max.

2021 The Batman Batmobile Rear View

The appearance of the car and the teases of the new Batsuit that star Robert Pattinson suggest a setting that's a lot more grounded than other superhero movies, something which has always made Batman stand out from the crowd. Whatever the case, as car lovers we'll be excited to see this new Batmobile in action when The Batman hits theaters in June of 2021.

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