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Best of 2016: Photos From the Street

Adventure doesn’t stop for us when we hit pavement (catch Best of 2016: Dirt Edition here). Across the globe, from race tracks to car meets to garages, 2016 has been one wild ride. Visit some of Driving Line’s favorite photos from the street.

Building dreams

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Gas Monkey Garage Pantera

Photo: Jason Jones

“You’ll have an incredible smile on your face that you couldn’t slap off.” – Aaron Kaufman, on driving the ’72 Pantera that he and his crew at Gas Monkey Garage Built.

Special parking

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Roppongi RWB Meet

Photo: Justin Pagtalunan

A couple of RWB Porsches just hanging out in a garage with Japanese writing I don’t understand during the RWB Meet in Roppongi. This reminds me everything from my first ever trip to Tokyo, Japan. Not a bad way to start 2016 – take me back please!

Fine art

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Paint

Photo: Tim Sutton

Light captured this story of precision and thought during the fine art of painting for a special Harley Davidson project.

Epic win

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Ford Wins LeMans

Photo: John Brooks

Ford wins its class at Le Mans 24 Hours, repeating one of the most celebrated American wins in racing 50 years later.

Car life

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Speedweek Studebakers Grease Girl

Photo: Kristin Cline

Much more than just a moment, this is my car culture ground zero. Driving my Studebaker to Bonneville and licensing in another ’55 Stude this summer – challenge, glee, road trip, racing, generosity and awe are all summed up in this shot.

Emerging from the smoke

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - D1GP Finals

Photo: David Ishikawa

The final round of D1GP in Odaiba includes Moto X, which requires a jump to be placed in the middle of the track, creating an obstacle to shoot around. I managed to catch Yokoi at 400 mm through a small gap and tire smoke on the return straight.

New Heights

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Pikes Peak Aaron Kaufman

Photo: Nick Cress

Tackling Pikes Peak, Aaron Kaufman takes his ’63 Ford Falcon to new heights.

Take me there

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Hill Climb

Photo: Tara Hurlin

I can almost hear the engine revs reverberating through the trees and smell the fresh fall air mixed with the fragrance of fuel and hot rubber at Empire Hill Climb.

The couple that stunts together, stays together

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Sam and Stina Hubinette

Photo: Justin Pagtalunan

If you thought watching a Huracán drifting was cool, just being in the presence of Sam and Stina Hübinette as they worked together was amazing. I’m just glad I was able to capture this moment when the two were exchanging high fives after tandem donuts.

Good and mean

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Hot Rod Dirt Drags

Photo: Tim Sutton

The hard chopped coupe out of Colorado has got to be one of my favorite ‘32 Fords of present day. It’s aggressive and nasty – and spinning tires in the dirt sure seems to help. 

Tea time

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Salon Prive

Photo: John Brooks

It doesn’t get much more English than this and that’s precisely why we love it. Leaving the grounds of Blenheim Palace during Salon Privé, this Ferrari 275 GTS is just what we’d like to take to tea.

Mud grin

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Rally America Travis Pastrana

Photo: Tara Hurlin

The start of Rally America’s LSPR began with a mud bath. Subaru America pro-driver Travis Pastrana split the muck in half. Anyone in his wake was sporting a gritty grin.

See even more of the best automotive photography from 2016 in our DIRT edition.

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