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Best of Show: June Cars & Coffee [Video ...and a tank]

Welcome to the June edition of Cars and...Tanks. I've been going to Cars & Coffee since its inception in Irvine and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen a TANK! It's always nice to bring something "different," especially for those of us that attend every weekend. I've seen Fire Trucks, Movie Cars and full Race Cars – but a Tank definitely sets you apart from that McLaren P1 that just pulled up.

IMG_6031_rev IMG_6018_rev Not your typical weekend car, but still loads of fun I bet. IMG_6027_rev I can only assume this guy is the owner. GREATEST SHIRT EVER. IMG_5992_rev Another outlier for C&C Irvine...So you hate showing up to Cars & Coffee with your Porsche only to see another one like it? Problem solved – break out the Porsche Tractor. IMG_5954_rev Cars & Coffee has something for everyone – how can you not smile at this face? Brand spanking new McLaren P1. (NOTE: This is not Jay Leno's – I kept hearing people ask where he was since he owns a yellow one as well, trust me – this one isn't his). IMG_5957_rev IMG_5975_rev The P1 was left with Race Mode on – wing extended and body lowered and ready for launch. Pretty much everything on 4 wheels would see this view during a drag race. IMG_5945_rev A mean Grigio Telesto (Lambo Grey) Lotus 2-eleven race car. IMG_6280_rev "Dumped" matte blue 1956 Ford Pickup  - that V8 emblem totally reminds me of the "Cars" movie. IMG_6284_rev The back row had a nice lineup of oldschool Datsun/Nissan Skylines. IMG_6293_rev Amazing Porsche 911 Carrera RS Tribute car. IMG_6300_rev '90s flashback for the Japanese performance cars of that time – Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo and the legendary Acura NSX. IMG_6306_rev This Honda S2000 caught my eye, not just because of how good it looked but because of a "MetroSpeed" sticker on the windshield. Old school street racers will know this crew - brings back a lot of memories from late nights in West Covina! IMG_6311_rev One of the rarest and fastest sedans on the market right now, the Audi RS7. IMG_6318_rev Friends and enemies, Orange Aventador Roadster next to a Yellow Ferrari 458 Spyder. IMG_6320_rev The Smurfs – a trio of Laguna Seca Blue BMW E46 ///M3's. IMG_6331_rev Clever personalized plate onto his Silver Acura NSX – the first production car to feature aluminum for weight savings on its body structure. IMG_6335_rev Family ties – decades apart – an early 911 next to the latest iteration, the 991. Most recently, Troy and the team over at 5-Axis brought out the latest concept from Toyota: The FT-1 IMG_6484_rev Rumor has it that this is the Supra replacement, which we've all been waiting quite some time for. IMG_6476_rev Powered by a golf cart motor currently, the FT-1 is still in the very early stages of concept to production. IMG_6503_rev IMG_6543_rev Crazy looking wide-bodied Liberty Walk Nissan GTR on hand. IMG_6553_rev Another good example of generations – the Mark 2 Supra next to the the Mark 3 Supra, the last we've seen...for now. IMG_6590_rev A fellow R8 owner, Kyle brought out his latest project – a custom twin-turbo setup on his V10 Audi R8. Completely legal right? It's got license plates LOL. IMG_6619_rev MERICA! (Hopefully you read my last feature) – a couple of Ford GT's in Gulf Livery. IMG_6639_rev I'm going to end the feature with this image: A McLaren P1 and a Rosso Dino (Orange) Ferrari Enzo a few feet from each other. Still haven't made it out to Cars & Coffee? Maybe you should. Catch the video below if you still can't get yourself out of bed that early on a Saturday!

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