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Best of Show: July Cars & Coffee [with VIDEO]

No "Tanks" this go around, but the July edition of Cars & Coffee is definitely heating up along with the temperatures in SoCal. IMG_6675_rev A manufacturers version of the new ultra lightweight Alfa Romeo 4C made it's debut. IMG_6705_rev Alfa's first venture back onto American soil in quite some time - showing off that iconic front facia. IMG_6698_rev The 4C features a full Carbon Fiber Monocoque - normally exclusive to Hypercars, hints of this are shown in CF trim throughout the cabin. IMG_6690_rev View that most will see if trying to chase this thing thru the canyons. IMG_6716_rev The latest version of BMW's M3/M4 has just hit dealers and as expected, we had a few out immediately at Cars & Coffee. IMG_6721_rev BMW ///M4 (yes, it's an ///M4- confusing eh?) - in Yas Marina Blue. IMG_6725_rev Lots of curves and lines in the new ///M. IMG_6730_rev Great steering wheel. I recently test drove one of these and although it wasn't quite what I expected, it's still a very capable machine. IMG_6733_rev ///M badges...EVERWHERE to remind you why you paid so much for this car! IMG_6738_rev Amazing Porsche 997.2  Speedster. Love the revised classic Fuchs wheels. IMG_6748_rev McLaren Newport Beach brought out their latest 650's. A white Spyder and Blue Coupe. IMG_6775_rev Enthusiasts with a sense of humor are AWESOME. IMG_6799_rev Not your typical stanced out BMW E36 on BBS RS...take a closer look IMG_6798_rev Right Hand drive!! Pretty cool...something you normally only see with JDM Honda's and GTR's. IMG_6813_rev Hiding in Porsche row...the legendary 959. Some people went right past it thinking it was just a bodykit LOL. IMG_6847_rev Super clean Mark IV Toyota rocking period correct Blitz Technospeed Z1's. IMG_6876_rev Well put together Lotus Exige on some bronze BBS RS Mesh. Great offset and wheel selection. IMG_6869_rev The Exige is the hardtop coupe version of the Lotus Elise - Toyota motor, with Lotus handling...tough to beat. IMG_6886_rev I've seen this car go thru quite a few revisions, this is the best yet. Porsche 997 C2 with GT3 styling, some .2 revisions and custom built/painted Work Meister 3 piece. IMG_6895_rev Merica!! Jowett Jupiter all Freedom'd out for the Fourth. These have production fade-away fenders, something talked about as a feature in DrivingLine's recent article on early-1950s custom restyling. IMG_6940_rev Lovely Zagato Perana Z-One. IMG_6948_rev No "Tanks" this month, but there was this Military transport vehicle LOL! IMG_7279_rev And this "Lumber" Hauler...WHOA. IMG_6960_rev 2 Classic Datsun (that's Nissan for you young'ns) Z's... IMG_7336_rev Another Lotus Exige, dressed up in Speciale' style livery - Nart Stripe. IMG_7345_rev Sweet period correct Mazda FD RX-7 - Rotary ...Blitz Technospeed Z-1's again! IMG_7758_rev Amazing original Porsche 356 1500 next to a Ruf 993 Turbo BTR. IMG_7797_rev Bright yellow Ferrari F12 Hypercar IMG_7775_rev Classic Ford F100 - love this look IMG_7778_rev Raced out 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint, due to their super-light bodies (for the time), these became a go-to choice for racers of the era. IMG_7802_rev Stay tuned for a full feature on this all black RWB Porsche 993 widebody... This months video is below, subscribe to DrivingLine's channel so you don't miss any!
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