Black Rojo: A '71 Buick Skylark That Stands Apart

We're at it again—finding unique classic muscle cars that we just have to take a minute to admire. This time around it's a 1971 Buick Skylark which, thanks to its proud owner's upgrades and modifications, stands out from the rest.

Buick Skylark front

Owned by Tony Brangoccio, this beautiful Buick didn't just catch our eye with its gorgeous finish. While the Skylark was popular when it was introduced, fewer and fewer show up at car shows in fully restored or resto-mod condition these days. Seeing one in person was a real treat.

Buick Skylark Interior 1

Brangoccio, a life-long Skylark fan, purchased his car on January 28, 2011. While this day may not seem important, for Brangoccio, it holds a special distinction. Not only is it the day he got the project car of his dreams, but it's also his daughter's birthday. Sounds to us like a double reason to celebrate!

Buick Skylark Grille

Six Years of Work

Building the car was a process, taking him six years to complete it. With Brangoccio doing much of the work on the car himself in between work and family priorities, he was unable to devote the time to it that he would have liked. Fortunately, it seems that the long process was well worth it.

Buick Skylark Brangoccio

Hold the Injection

Brangoccio's Skylark isn't fuel injected! That's right—this pro-touring Buick is a little different thanks to the fact that it maintains a classic carbureted engine, but we're not talking about normal factory specs here. Brangoccio's upgrades to the engine include an Edelbrock high-rise intake, 650cfm carburetor and heads and a Magnaflow-equipped exhaust.

Buick Skylark Engine

A Classic Through and Through

Wanting to maintain the car's classic look and feel, Brangoccio opted to keep the Buick's OEM interior. You won't find fancy leather-wrapped bucket seats, a custom dash (minus the addition of an AM/FM/CD player) or added billet accessories inside this car. Instead, you'll find a classic bench seat, a standard Buick dashboard with OEM gauges and the charm of a classic muscle car.

Buick Skylark Interior

Black Rojo

The Skylark's black paint scheme may seem like any other in the industry, but a look at the right angle or in the right light will reveal that's not the case. The paint is actually a custom “Black Rojo” from Art's Autobody & Paint with real red metal flake mixed in. Stunning regardless of the light, this Buick is certainly one fine classic machine! 

Buick Skylark Paint

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