Show and Go: A '67/'95 Mustang Built for Speed

There are a lot of beautiful vehicles out there, especially when it comes to the classic muscle car scene, but it's not always about being classically beautiful. Instead, the cars that grab our attention are the ones that do something we'd never expect. When it comes to choosing between unique and wild or beautiful but samey, we'll choose unique every time—and the unique ones often happen to be beautiful as well.

This ethos has sent us on a journey of sorts, and eventually led us to this gorgeous '67/'95 pro-touring Mustang.

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Built and owned by Adam Meaders of Lakewood, Colorado, this awesome Mustang is much more than an attention-grabbing show car on Nitto tires. In fact, it's much more interested in going fast on the track than being admired in the parking lot. You guessed it—this Mustang was built for the autocross course, but not in the way you might think.

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Many the Years

Like many vehicles in the autocross scene these days, this Mustang was built, not bought. While that alone doesn't make the car special, the fact that it took six years to build does. Between tight budgets and a lack of time, we all know how projects can take longer than we'd like. Fortunately for Meaders, not only is his build finally complete, but it ended up being a great autocross car, too. It was well worth the wait.

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Put the '95 in the '67

While the car has a classic body, it's actually more of a 1995 Mustang than a 1967. In fact, the only classic muscle car elements of the build are the body and mirrors (and rear bumpers from a '67 Camaro—a little jab at Chevy purists). To save money, Meaders used the drivetrain and chassis from a wrecked 1995 Mustang he bought for $1500. The changes were so wholesale, he actually cut the '95 body off the wrecked car and replaced it with the one from the '67 Mustang.

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Easy Upgrades

Because it's mostly a '95 Mustang, getting adequate power and handling is much easier to do on a budget. It has a 5.0L engine, which is good for decent power right out of the gate, but Meaders took it to the next level by adding a supercharger this past winter. Similarly, it's a lot easier to bulk up the more modern chassis and suspension system without spending too much money.

mustang 14

Carbon Fiber all Around

Along with the wholesale changes came making a body out of carbon fiber, front to rear—well, sort of. Instead of painting it once it was finished, Meaders opted to have the car wrapped in a 3M Carbon Fiber wrap so that down the road, if he wanted to change the color scheme, he could do so with little trouble. Meaders then painted the 2015 Jeep Wrangler lime green graphics (his favorite color) over the wrap. Oddly enough, everywhere Meaders takes the car, people debate if the body is truly carbon fiber or if it's a wrap—it's that well done!

mustang 16

Soon, this '67 won't be the only autocross Mustang in Meaders' stable. Building highly capable classic Mustangs for the autocross course is Meaders' thing, and the next build he's working on is a 1966 wide-body pro-touring Mustang. We can't wait to see it!

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