Bodie Stroud & BS Industries Pave Their Own Path

Bodie-Stroud-BS-Industries-Feature-04 When you think Americana, what comes to mind? For some it might be a Norman Rockwell painting, others think of Lady Liberty - but if you’re here at DrivingLine, you likely think of Detroit muscle. Bodie-Stroud-BS-Industries-Feature-09 Muscle cars were a huge step forward for the automotive industry, providing massive amounts of power in a car you could pick up at the lot. Car companies did well in providing the power that people of the day were looking for, but the original muscle car doesn't hold up to today’s standards. So what happens when you want a vintage car but the performance of a modern one? Bodie Stroud and BS Industries have their own brand of an American car revolution - giving people the best of both worlds. Bodie-Stroud-BS-Industries-Feature-20 Bodie did his time working in corporations and the such until 2007, when he’d had enough and gathered up his things – it was time to do what was right for he and his family. He scraped together what he had begun into BS Industries and hasn’t looked back. People following their dreams and true callings is something I love to see – and building cars is definitely Bodie’s forte. What is so special about what he does? In my eyes, Bodie has picked up where the factories left off – and added a healthy dose of modern technologies too. Bodie-Stroud-BS-Industries-Feature-23 BS Industries builds real cars that not only throw you into the back seat, but will also hook and hug a curve or whatever you throw at them. He has worked for many top celebrities including: Johnny Depp, Tim Allen, and Johnny Knoxville - building these car guys their ultimate dream cars in his shop in Sun Valley, California. Bodie-Stroud-BS-Industries-Feature-02 Each car BS Industries builds seems to have its own persona when finished. Classy, perfect, and full of vigor. When you sit in a BS Industries build it’s like being in a car that came off the lot two days ago, with the handling to go with it. Bodie-Stroud-BS-Industries-Feature-12 The man doesn’t discriminate on cars at all.  Any brand or year will do, and it’s always a good time. Above just building cars, Bodie has designed and begun manufacturing chassis and components that are as beautiful as they are roadworthy. Currently he just finished up his own A-arm system for tri five Chevy’s and Mustangs. Bodie-Stroud-BS-Industries-Feature-11 True innovation and passion are what drive Bodie each day. Be on the lookout for him - you can see him hanging out on the Adam Corolla show talking cars or even with Jay Leno doing some bench racing.  But soon enough you’ll be seeing him on History channel in a new series called Resto Mod. The Real Thing from Public Record on Vimeo. id  21404


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