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Breathe Easy! All-New Toyota Tacoma Safari Snorkel

toyota tacoma safari snorkel 2nd gen 2

Going off-road can be hard on your vehicle. One of the biggest dangers can come by hydrolocking the engine. This occurs when water is ingested through the air intake. While images of deep river crossings often come to mind, it’s actually much easier than you may think to lock up your engine thanks to a little water. In fact, it only takes a table spoon of water to hydrolock an engine.

toyota tacoma safari snorkel 2nd gen 1

With the 2005 to 2015 Toyota Tacoma being one of the most popular off-road worthy pickups on the globe, it’s no surprise that Safari Snorkel just released its newest ARMAX design snorkel for the 2nd Gen Tacos. By raising the air inlet to a higher position, it reduces the chances of hydrolocking the engine significantly. Another added benefit can be found on dusty roads and when ‘wheeling in snow, where the taller intake can grab fresher air.

toyota tacoma safari snorkel 2nd gen 3 We’re told that the ARMAX Safari Snorkel meets or exceeds that of the stock air box design, so don’t plan on loosing or gaining much power. At a suggested retail price of $553, it’s a relatively small investment compared to what you would be out if you Tacoma sucked in some water on the trail. To see more accessories and snorkel applications, visit ARB USA.

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