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Chasing Dust: 5 Reasons Why the Police Interceptor is the Best Daily on the Planet [Video]

It's no secret our Truck Editor, Matt Moghaddam, is a big fan of all things off-road. But did you know his daily driver is a Ford sedan? Sounds kind of boring right? Well, not exactly. See, it's not just any Ford sedan—it's the KING of sedans. His ex-black and white 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor had been a loyal steed to the Indio, California police department for most of its life, but now carries a new role in getting the Desert Chief anywhere he needs to go. In the latest episode of his vlog series, Chasing Dust, Matt shows us the top five reasons why the Police Interceptor is the best daily driver on the planet. Watch as he takes us through the history of the Crown Victoria, shows us why we need to buy one and demonstrates some of the P71's unique capabilities. You won't want to miss this one!

Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Follow Matt's journey from Moab to California in the ultimate overland camper in episode three of Chasing Dust!

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