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Chasing Dust: The Driving Line Team Heads to the PNW [Video]

Driving Line Truck Editor Matt Moghaddam travels...a lot. Occasionally, a few of us tag along for the trip. Such was the case last week, when Matt, Wheatley, Randy and Mike headed up to Tacoma, Washington for the first ever Nitto Rigstock Event presented by Driving Line. This off-road meet and greet, held at the LeMay America's Car Museum, was a way for the team to get in touch with real PNW wheelers and see what kind of cool rigs they have. We even invited some of the top brands from the area, such as ARB, Off-Road Power Products and Northridge 4x4. But as they say, it's all about the journey, not the destination. Matt and the team had to survive lost luggage, a Canadian-spec rental car, Seattle traffic (which rivals LA, by the way) and even an Airbnb that had no real beds in it. Watch the video to see part one of the trip to the PNW for Rigstock 2019.

Matt on a plane

Watch Matt take an LS-swapped C30 to LS Fest for some burnouts!

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