Classic Trucks Abound at SEMA 2018 [Gallery]

While there's nothing new about classic trucks being a popular build platform for the SEMA Show and beyond, SEMA 2018 saw more more than normal. And no, they weren't alllll C-10s—though there sure were some fabulous examples on hand. This '64 C10 built by DWS Classics in the POR-15 booth was spot-on from tail to hood.

1964 C10 short bed at SEMA 2018

The biggest surprise we saw was an onslaught of classic SUVs and panel wagons. You'd normally be hard-pressed to find more than a few at the show, but this year we spotted over a dozen. Not the least of which was this '76 Ford B100 "El Chapo" found in Energy Suspension's booth.

1976 Ford B100 at SEMA 2018

From fast to slow, low to high there's a little bit of everything! Browse through the gallery above for many of the classic pickups from SEMA. We've even included some engine and suspension close-ups for those of you planning your next garage project.

Factory Five '36 Ford Pickups at SEMA 2018

Looking for even more from SEMA 2018? See it here.


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