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SEMA Show 2018 Best of Day 1 [Gallery]

Well, day one of SEMA has officially come and gone. Our feet are tired, but we were able to see and, fortunately for you, photograph more awesome builds than we could count. For anyone who hasn’t ever been to SEMA, the size of the show is truly staggering. There is no way anyone could see everything in a day, which is fine, since we’ll be here all week.

SEMA Day 1 Mustang

Other than the glut of rooftop tents and overlanding gear, as we noted in our first night gallery, the amount of carbon fiber surprised us. From hoods to roofs to entire bodies, carbon fiber was everywhere. That said, despite all the rooftop tents and carbon fiber that was there, we haven’t seen any carbon fiber rooftop tents…yet.

SEMA Day 1 Challenger

There was so much other than carbon fiber to gawk at, though, from V10-swaps to massive trucks. Don’t take our word for it, see it yourself in the gallery above!

Want more from SEMA? We’ll be here all week, covering all the coolest builds!

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