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Competition Heats Up At Street Car Takeover Phoenix [GALLERY]

The Street Car Takeover crew set up shop in Phoenix to wrap up their current schedule, and the valley's car scene sure didn't disappoint. With 11 classes to choose from, competitors from far and wide brought out cars ranging from fully function-oriented missiles on trailers to daily driven cars with just as much "show" as "go." Each time a category was called to the staging lanes, the rows of cars turned into micro-car shows with drivers and support crews hanging out and having a good time talking shop. As the sun set, the ambient temperatures dropped, but the track was just heating up with races moving from roll racing to full-on burnouts and drags on the tree. Check out the gallery for action from the morning through the evening, and check out the story behind Street Car Takeover's Founder's 1000+ HP C7 here.

Watch some of the live coverage as well in the Facebook video below.

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