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Did You Spot These Fords at Fabulous Fords Forever?

As the largest gathering of Fords in the West, Fabulous Fords Forever is the show-to-go to see Fords of all types. While it’s great to see rows of Mustangs, one of our favorite things to watch for at this car show are the lesser-known models. This year, as Ford celebrates 115 years of making cars, we scoped out some of our favorites of 2018 Fabulous Fords Forever.

Fabulous Fords Forever 2018

First up, this must be one of the least known of the Fords—the Ford Pinto Pangra wagon. Built by Huntington Ford, the Pangra was a kit car of sorts modified from the best-selling Pinto Wagon. This particular car is Pangra #39 and the last made, the only one made from a 1974 model.

1974 Ford Pinto Pangra Wagon

Much more widely known, but almost as rarely seen is the Mustang II. Filling the ugly years of 1974-1978, out of the 1700+ cars at Fabulous Fords Forever this is the one-and-only Mustang II example we found.

Ford Mustang II - Fabulous Fords Forever

See more of what was on display at 2018 FFF in the gallery above—from more oddballs to modified modern Mustangs.

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