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Diecast Ditch Day

IMG_6165_dl The movie Ferris Buellers Day Off tells the story of a teenager, ditching school to hang out with friends in the city. He must avoid trouble along the way, a typical storyline for those of us who have experienced ditching before. As we grow up, graduate and become “responsible” people, we tend to forget about the simple things that made our youth fun. IMG_6149_dl Once every quarter, I play Ferris Bueller and organize a “Diecast Ditch Day” – a day to play hooky from work and hangout with friends. It became diecast ditch day after a few friends wanted to checkout a diecast store that was only open on weekdays. Our first trip necessitated an email to the owner, as they're not technically open to the public. IMG_6103_dl After a few exchanges explaining that we were a group of individuals traveling from different areas in SoCal looking to spend a decent amount of money on little cars, they gave in.  I setup a time for us to roam their inventory and plans to have lunch after. has an incredible amount of inventory on hand. They stock pretty much everything from AutoArt to NoRev (high-end brands to stuff you see at Walgreens.) This was our second “Diecast Ditch Day” so a few of us already knew what to expect, others were quite surprised at the offerings and specialized pricing I had arranged. IMG_6074_dl It’s easy to get lost in the sheer volume of what they have available, but if you know what you want it’s actually pretty well organized. Some of us were going after exotics (ME!) while others were looking for racecars or even older JDM imports. IMG_6139_dl IMG_6146_dl IMG_6167_dl  Don't worry folks, this was a loaner car. In addition to visiting, I spoke with a friend over at Jada Toys (makers of diecast and RC cars) and arranged a tour and walk thru at their corporate headquarters in the City of Industry. IMG_6173_dl Jada was one of the early pioneers for adopting the aftermarket into their diecast toy lineup. Their DubCity and Import Racer series use many well-known industry brands to give the cars a real life “feel”. They also have an American Muscle series in addition to their latest line, “Just Trucks”. IMG_6182_dl IMG_6203_dl It's always fun to see your buddies up on the wall of fame. IMG_6239_dl During the tour, we had an opportunity to checkout a sneak peek of a VERY COOL product which will be the subject of an upcoming product release feature – I can’t provide details just yet but stay tuned, if you’re a car and techie guy, you’re gonna love this…NOTE: Both the Scion FR-S and Toyota Supra are involved. ;) As we grow up and get "real jobs", it's easy to forget how the simple things in life can make us happy. Our obligations and responsibilities can take a heavy toll on us and it's important that we hit pause every so often. The day ended with us catching up over food at a local Chinese restaurant, talking about the good ol' days and of course - ditching work for the day.
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