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Drift Dressup Version 5

Part drifting exhibition, part car show, Drift Dressup, as it is aptly named, is one of the must-see events for automotive enthusiasts in Japan. If you were excited to see some of the best show cars at Wekfest Japan in Nagoya just three days prior, then get excited to see some of those same cars in action. Drift Dressup has found success as the ultimate "show and go" event.

To keep things fresh, Drift Dressup alternates between two venues: Suzuka Twin Circuit and Motorland Mikawa. This year it was held at the latter and included a 68-car spread with six run groups, making for a day of non-stop action. To be allowed to drive at Drift Dressup, you only have to fulfill two simple requirements. 1) You must be able to drift at an experienced level and 2) have a great looking car. As long as you meet those requirements, the staff will probably let you join if there is space available.

Drift Dressup Version 5

Hot Shots

Masaru Ishikawa brought his Nissan pickup that was finished just before the event and still had some kinks to work out in the morning. The benefit of drifting a truck is that you have plenty of room for spares.

Drift Dressup Version 5

Sukekawa Autobody brought three 1UZ V8 swapped Nissan S-chassis with each sporting aggressive styling, big wheels and perfect finishes, as you would expect from a body shop.

Drift Dressup Version 5

Some other cars there that you don't see drifting every day were a pair Subaru Imprezas, including a GC wagon and a later version GD. There were also plenty of sedans, including two from the legendary team of A-Bo-Moon, with Akinobu Satsukawa himself in attendance.

Drift Dressup Version 5

Moccomans, Neo Pro, Realize and even Review from Hiroshima brought cars to the event. Drift legend Nomura Ken brought his demo S15 all the way from Fukuoka, this his final season of D1 Grandprix.

Release the Yokoi

Most of the cars in attendance are considered top tier "grassroots" machines that were designed for smaller circuits like Motorland Mikawa. When compared to a pro machine like that of D1 driver and former Formula Drift competitor Masashi Yokoi, it is night and day, as it laid down black marks around the entire track.

Drift Dressup Version 5

Blast From the Past

On the newly finished extension next door to the track there was an additional car show of 80 amazing cars.

Drift Dressup Version 5

Just as the cars that attend Wekfest have been improving year over year, so have the cars and drivers at Drift Dressup. Unfortunately, it will be another year until we can see this collection of great cars in action together. We can't wait!

To see all the action from Drift Dressup, flip through the gallery below!

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