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Driver Battles Episode 9: Honda S2000 vs. Acura Integra [Video]

Few automotive brands inspire as much love as Honda. Whether it’s the racing history, affordable track cars or plentiful aftermarket support, there’s so much to love about the classic Japanese brand—and our two competitors for this battle definitely feel the love.

Driver Battles Episode 9 Acura Integra

For both of them, not only is this not their first Honda, but it’s not even the first S2000 or Integra they’ve owned. Both of them are on Nitto NT01s, so it sets up to be a tight, exciting battle. If you’re not a Honda fan, this should show you what makes people go crazy for these cars, and if you already are, this is the showdown you’ve been waiting for!

Driver Battles Episode 9 Honda S2000

Want a more in-depth look at these classic Hondas? We took some time to meet the cars.

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