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Driver Battles Season 2 Episode 3: EG Civic vs. 350Z [Video]

If you’re going to spend the time and money creating a purpose-built track car, why not make it loud? It’s not like there are noise ordinances on the track (at least not all tracks), no-mufflers usually means more power and no cops are going to pull you over for running straight pipes. The booming noise of a redlining engine is a big part of the fun of racing, which is why we’re so excited for this battle.

Nissan 350Z

This fight places Andrew Nguyen’s K20-swapped EG Civic against Michael Hillo’s 2008 Nissan 350Z, and trust us, both cars bring the noise. The Civic has the power-to-weight ratio in its advantage, but Michael Hillo has more seat time. It’s one of those classic battles of opposites. Front-wheel drive vs. rear-wheel drive. Nissan vs. Civic. Stats vs. experience. Both cars are on Nitto NT01s, so the drivers will have all day on the same set of tires to get their best time. May the best driver win.

Nitto NT01 on Honda EG Civic

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