Civic vs. Miata: Meet the Cars of Driver Battles Season 2 Episode 1

Just because the two cars don't each cost six figures doesn't mean the battle is boring. If anything, it makes it way more fun.

Ride of the Week: ‘99 Time Attack Miata [Video]

Great handling with aero makes this car is insanely fun to drive. Just ask the owner, Chris Willard.

Driver Battles Episode 10: 240SX vs. R35 GT-R [Video]

You might think that a 240SX couldn't possibly compete against Godzilla, but you haven't seen this 240SX.

Ride of the Week: Time Attack 1989 Nissan 240SX [Video]

Peter defied convention when building his time attack car—and created a monster.

Honda S2000 vs. Acura Integra: Meet the Cars of Driver Battles Episode 9

In a battle of classic Hondas, who has the edge?

Ride of the Week: Karen's Factory 5 Type 65 Coupe [Video]

It might be a replica, but it looks just like the million dollar car that beat Ferrari and dominated racing in the mid-'60s.

A Vicious Time Attack Viper ACR

The Viper ACR TA came loaded with options, high-horsepower and lots of aero—but how is it on the track and the street?

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