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Euro Kings | Top 10 Euros of Wekfest SJ 2014

Our next stop on JusTravels takes us to the easy breezy Bay Area where Wekfest has made its way to Northern California. A grueling 8ish hour drive, or more preferably a quick one hour flight, up to the San Jose Convention Center - a great, spacious venue to showcase the elites of the weekend.


Just like Wekfest LA, the best of the best come out to play for this event. Nor and So Cal builds mingle, as these shows are just that good. The style of cars didn't feel too different than what I'm used to in the SoCal, but the builds were definitely different - many cars I've never seen in person, but the taste seems to come from the same root. After looking through all my shots, I realized a trend - a lot of really nice Euros (or at least that's what caught my eye!) I've put together my personal Top 10 Euros at Wekfest - Let's see who will be crowned king...

10. Porsche GT3 RS by RW-Republic


I'm just going to openly say this now. I love Porsche's, always have, always will - could be one of the reasons I was drawn to all the Euro builds at Wekfest, so forgive me if this list is Porsche heavy, but can you really blame me? They are such great cars no matter which way you look at them.


This Porsche GT3 RS probably had one of the simplier looks of the show, but that's what I liked about it. The subtle mods by RW Republic play well with the elegant body lines of the Porsche but add the racing performance element to make sure everyone remembers that these luxury cars can still give out great performances on the track.

9. Dapper Porsche 964 by Rodolfo


"Dapper" is a term that's come back in vogue as of late and is used to describe looks that are neat and sophisticated - and that's the perfect description for Rodolfo's red Porsche.


Nothing gawky about it, this bagged 964 sits perfectly using an AccuAir System to tuck those chrome BBS wheels. The gold rivets and accents on the wheel give that added swag in sophistication.

8. BMW 335i by Mike // LTMW


This is the first entry, but definitely not the last, from LTMW in my top 10. LTMW has continued growing in popularity with all of their wide body, high end builds just like this Liberty Walk 335i.


I've seen a lot of cars from LTMW, but this is the first chance I had time to get up close to Mike's BMW. The Techno Violet paint job is majestic, the static drop with KW coilovers is perfect, and the BBS LM's wrapped in Nitto tires complete the look.

7. BMW E36 by LTMW


Back to back LTMW entires, could there be more? There's an interesting contrast between this bimmer and the previous. This E36 is an older model, fitted with a Rocket Bunny wide body kit instead, and sitting on AirRex air suspension.


Although it's a different model, they both have BBS wheels wrapped in Nitto tires. In fact, it seems like all of these Euro's are rocking BBS wheels. Coincidence or just part of the look? BBS are from Germany and designed with a luxurous look and high quality, the same trait most Euro cars share.

6. 1962 Mini Coooper by Hieu


The body is a vintage European classic, this 1962 Mini Cooper is a British icon. The condition is prestine, perfect paint job with a traditional British flag on the roof top. The fenders and wide wheels give the look a little extra something something...


The inside is anything but. The Nardi quick release steering wheel and the clear dash with multiple guages are a more modernized look to control the Honda B-Series engine that was swapped it in. Yup, this little Mini kicks some VTEC every now and then!

5. 1972 Audi 100LS by Ken


Another vintage Euro that I was immediately drawn to. This long bodied Audi is perfect for crusing around in regal style. Just about everything was custom made on this one, from the mesh Rotiforms to the custom mounts for the AccuAir air suspension.


It's so royal that the truck and trailer that it came in on was bagged as well! The rides might be lower, but the standards are definitely not. Now for the final 4, we are getting into the upper echelon of Euro builds now...

4. Porsche 911 aka "Pandora One" by Mark Arcenal // Fatlace


You can never go wrong with any car out of Mark Arcenal's collection, which is why it was so difficult to place this Porsche 911 aka "Pandora One" outside of the top 3. When this build first debuted some few years ago it was a bright green, but recently it got another paint job back to its original black color and now sits on BBS LM's.


If you ever fancy yourself in the OC, stop by the Illest store and you just might see Pandora One chilling inside for everyone to bask in it's greatness.

3. Ferrari 458 Itali by LTMW


People fall in love with a Ferrari before it even comes off the production line. The sleek style combined with power all make it one of the elusive super cars that always draws eyes. So there isn't much else one has to do to a Ferrari to bring the wow factor, just don't tell that to the guys at LTMW.


They took this car over to the next level with the ever popular Liberty Walk kit. A bright light blue and monster Forigiato wheels all make this stallion proud to strut its stuff.

2. 1963 "Annie The Bug" by John


While most go with what's hot and what's trending, John did his own thing and really made this bug his own. He's got an assortment of vintage mods all over the car - and they might not even be car parts! Sure it's got an old school A/C system sticking out the window, but there's also a lantern, a dream catcher, bull horns, a horse shoe - I mean, what? Really blowing my mind, but hey it's his and frankly, the whole look really works.


You know what else blows my mind about this one? It's static. And a Daily Driver. Yup John takes Annie around everywhere and at this exact ride height. WOW!

1. Porsche 997 GT3 by "D-Ron"


It's finally time for the best of the best. The highest of nobility. The King among kings. The crèmè de la crème. D-Ron, with the help of LTMW and Vollkommen Design, debuted the new look for his 997 GT3 and made its way to the best Euro at Wekfest.


This Porsche used to be yellow not so long ago, but now its fresh with a Mint Green paint job. Even the super deep dish BBS E88 has a Mint Green splatter effect to it. Everything about this Porsche is just so appealing. The super wide fenders that could probably pass as a chair (just never sit on them!). The matching Mint Green roll bars, brake calipers, and I'm sure other little attentions to detail. The LTWM team didn't just take over my Top 10, it took over the entire show earning more trophies than anyone - including the giant trophy for being the elite crew there. Wekfest SJ brought out a lot of other great cars to the show beyond these Euros. There were a pair of Rocket Bunny GTR's, fully restored and souped-up American muscles, clean JDM build imports, and much much more. The foggy cool weather was a great change from the burning SoCal sun and the fresh sight of cars really made the experience. Here's a short video clip of the show experience as well...

Where will the next stop take us? @justdayuum

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