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Fenders on the Farm [Gallery]

Each year, we travel to a car show far removed from your average parking lot Show and Shine. Instead of baking on the blacktop next to a big box store, we get the pleasure of enjoying the great outdoors at Old River Farms in Burgaw, North Carolina. In many ways, it’s the same as a traditional car show. There’s food, prizes and plenty of vehicles to excite any type of auto enthusiast. What sets the Fenders on the Farm show apart is the serenity that is hanging out on the 400 acre farm.

Now in its fourth year, the Fenders on the Farm event is becoming an autumn staple in Southeastern North Carolina. We stopped by this year and snapped a few shots of the event. As you’ll see in the gallery above, there was a tremendous mix of old and new machines on display.

And make sure you check out last year's Fenders' show!

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