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Formula Drift 2015 Round 7 Recap [Gallery]

DrivingLine-FormulaDrift-Irwindale-FinalFight-DN-01-1340 In what could possibly be the final Final Fight at Irwindale Speedway, Fredric Aasbo clinched both the Formula Drift USA and Formula Drift World Championships before the sun had set. Only a single Top 32 victory was needed by Aasbo (against Kristaps Bluss) to cinch his first-ever Formula Drift championship. The year of the Scion didn't stop with Aasbo - fellow Scion Racing teammate Ken Gushi, a veteran in the game, has been making a strong comeback all year long proving to everyone that he's still got it. Despite mechanical problems all day long, Gushi was able to fight through and make it all the way to the Final Battle against, yes you guessed it, Fredric Aasbo. You couldn't script it any better than this; fellow Scion Racing teammates entered the House of Drift standing in first and second to end up faced off against each other for the first time in the final battle of the final round. Aasbo defeated Gushi as both finished first and second for the round and the overall standings. Forest Wang took third place at Irwindale, while Chris Foresberg was able to pass Ryan Tuerck for third place in the overall Pro Championships. As for the World Championship, NITTO tire Odi Bakchis, who surprised everyone with a strong start, earned second place while Matt Fields took home third in this inaugural season.

Read Driving Line's full Play-by-Play from Round 7 of Formula Drift and browse the photo gallery below.

Photography provided by Byron Yoshida and Danny Nguyen.

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