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Formula Drift: Round 2 Continues the Action

  Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_feature Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_09 All pictures courtesy of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR team. Formula Drift: Round 2 saw scattered rains constantly change the already challenging, high-speed entry track layout of Road Atlanta. Drivers fought to maintain control while, “with the rain, the track changed every run and every turn.” Despite the challenges, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR supported by ASD Motorsports made the podium a second time this season, taking 3rd place at Round 2 and gaining the points needed (along with his 2nd place podium during Round 1) to move into 1st place overall in the Formula Drift Championship. Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_06 Gittin Jr began the Road Atlanta competition placed against Dave Briggs in the Top 32, Matt Fields in the Top 16, then Fredric Aasbo in the Top 8. As Gittin Jr. states, “We saw the first moment of insanity during my battle with Fredric Aasbo. I literally jumped over the front corner of his car, landed in drift and completed the course. The judges ruled that we would run again and I was able to hold it down to win the battle.” Both Gittin and Aasbo showed incredible skill during that run, continuing their course with Gittin moving into the lead – drifting hasn’t seen anything quite the same before! Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_05 Progressing to the semi-finals, Gittin Jr was placed in a battle against defending 2012 National Champion Diago Saito. “We had more insanity in my battle with Daigo,” says Vaughn, “As soon as we entered the track, the tape that was holding the seam of his roof flew at me, and the six-foot streamer hanging off completely disoriented my timing. I went off through the infield and made some contact. On the lead run, I gapped him at every single turn and I was just driving as absolutely hard as I possibly could. Despite having our disadvantage from our chase run, we clearly dominated Daigo on our lead run and I look forward to battling him throughout the season.” Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_04 Facing Michael Essa in the consolation round, Vaughn put down two solid runs to take the podium with 3rd place. “Finishing on the podium for the second event in a row and taking the points lead is an awesome result to all the hard work. We are looking forward to continuing the momentum throughout the rest of the season!” Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_01 Gittin Jr and the rest of the Nitto Tire Racing team will be back at it for Formula Drift: Round 3 –Palm Beach Invasion May 31-June 1. Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_03 Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_07 Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_02 Vaughn_Gittin_Jr_FormulaD_Round2_08 *"Vaughn Gittin Jr. & The RTR Drift Team Finish With A Consecutive Podium At Formula D Rd.2 And Move Into 1st Place, Visit Fort Gordon To Give Ride-Alongs To Soldiers And Perform A Signature Smoke Show." Vaughn Gittin Jr. 14 May 2013.  
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