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Gallery - Woodward Dream Cruise 2013

feature_woodwardcruisegallery Growing from a small fundraiser 18 years ago, the Woodward Dream Cruise is now said to be the largest one-day automotive event in the world. Unlike any other event I've attended, this cruise covers a 16-mile stretch of road - with onlookers kicking it roadside while cruisers go up and down the 8-lane wide Woodward Avenue between 8-mile Road and the loop at Oakland Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. woodward_dream_cruise_2013_gallery_115 Being from California, I'm used to car events including many custom cars and roadsters...the Woodward Dream Cruise showed a different slice of American Car Culture. Detroit is called Motor City for a reason, with a high percentage of muscle cars - both in well-kept original condition as well as modified to drag race. woodward_dream_cruise_2013_gallery_52 This event is too big to describe, so I'll just let the pictures show the story. Check back at Driving Line soon, as I'll be sharing a closer look at some of my favorite cars found at Woodward Dream Cruise. If you've never been, add it to your calendar for 2014! -Kristin Cline

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