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Garage Built: A ’31 Ford That is More Than Meets the Eye

1931 Ford Garage Built Hot Rod For Al and Colby Martin, a car is just as much about the process as it is about the product. They and other automotive hobbyists across the nation are a testament to all that the hours toiled in the garage mean, beyond, of course, having an awesome car to be proud of. Colby began collecting parts for this ’31 Ford Model A coupe as a teenager while dad, Al, gathered tools necessary for building it. Years passed and visions formed as part by part was procured via swap meets, Ebay searches, and lucky inheritances off other car friends’ projects. Not only is the slow-but-steady gathered sum of their project worth far more than they could invest in a turn-key car, but the Saturday mornings spent together in the garage have built a legacy you can’t buy at the auction block. 1931 Ford Father Son Build You may recognize Colby Martin as the director of the SEMA Action Network, which gathers enthusiasts to help protect our hobby in legislation. Add your voice to help protect our automotive freedoms at This story first appeared in print in Driving Line Issue 4, click here to read more articles from this issue!

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