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Gears & Beers: Chilling With Atlanta's Finest Euros [Gallery]

If there's one thing that the Georgia automotive community can brag on, it's the ability of its European auto enthusiasts to throw high-quality, enjoyable meets. From the massive spectacle of SOWO to smaller events like Gears and Beers, owners of the Old World brands know how to come together and have a great time. Dürtydübs, an Atlanta-based European car club, organizes the Gears and Beers get-togethers at Red Brick Brewery on the west side of the city after monthly Caffeine and Octane events. The most unique aspect of this event is that they offer attendees a chance to try some great craft brews as they check out the festivities. The brewery offers a discounted pint glass if guests show their euro key fob with six tickets to trade in for drinks. The result is a chill atmosphere that attracts a variety of cars, from APR-tuned Audis to air-cooled classic Volkswagens. While the event is open to everyone, meet parking is limited to European cars only. There is however, plenty of space for other cars in adjacent lots to the brewery.

There's some drinking, there's some driving, but definitely no drinking AND driving! Check out the gallery above and make sure to follow @dürtydübs for future events.

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