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Get Your Go Rig Ready

In times of emergency or when faced with a state or nationwide crisis, the ability to swiftly mobilize is crucial. In most cases, overland vehicles stand out as some of the most reliable "Go Rigs" available. There’s no need for a secondary vehicle specifically designed to bug out — your existing vehicle could easily become the ultimate Go Rig with just a little bit of preparation. A well-maintained vehicle, pre-packed with essentials, can prove not just useful but potentially lifesaving.

Overland ready Toyota Tacoma silver

Keep these points in mind when prepping your overlanding vehicle for Go Rig duties:

Vehicle Maintenance

Can your vehicle travel hundreds or even thousands of miles at a moment's notice? Identifying and addressing any weak points in your vehicle is the first step in being prepared. Up to date tire rotations, fluid checks, oil changes, and tire inspections, along with pressure monitoring, contribute to overall readiness. An annual thorough inspection by a trusted mechanic is a worthwhile investment.

Silver Toyota Tacoma with dog on dirt and rock trail

First Aid & Emergency Kits

Equipping your vehicle with emergency kits is important and should feature necessities like a comprehensive First Aid Kit and a survival kit. These kits can include items such as flashlights with spare batteries, emergency blankets, non-perishable food, a multi-purpose tool, jumper cables, and even practical items like phone chargers. Additionally, consider including a fire extinguisher, raincoat or poncho, and a whistle to attract attention. A set of tools and a portable tire inflator to fill up your tires is also a good idea.

First aid kits for humans and dogs

Communication Options

Diversifying your communication tools beyond a cell phone is wise. Consider learning HAM radio operation, as a handheld HAM radio can be invaluable in emergencies. Having a satellite phone or navigation device, like Garmin, for contacting help or providing coordinates, enhances your preparedness for numerous scenarios.

walkie talkies in a Jeep

Navigation and Maps

Electronic offline maps saved on a device can be good, but, having a hard copy of a map and knowing how to read it is also smart. Plan out areas or places that you would go to in case of an emergency. There are map apps such as On-X or Gaia that have many overlay options and can help you navigate off-road more efficiently than Google Maps and once downloaded they don’t have to be connected to the internet to use.

Paper map and digital download map on Truck seat

Fuel Capacity

More options are available to you if you’re able to travel hundreds of miles without visiting a gas station can help you get far out of harm's way. Consider extra fuel reserves like fuel cans or roto pax. Externally mounted tanks are easy and can be attached by either strapping them down to your roof or rear mounting them to a tire carrier. Some may even consider upgrading their existing fuel tank to a long-range version with companies such as Long Range America or even checking if your vehicle has an OEM option with higher capacity that you could upgrade to.

Multiple external gas tanks on toyota Tacoma tailgate

Lockable Storage

Hard-mounted storage systems with sturdy locks in your vehicle can prove very useful for important personal belongings or self-defense items, especially in more densely populated areas. And when out beyond the reach of society, everything you have can be valuable so do what you can to protect it.

sliding drawers in overlanding ready truck bed

Additional Power

A second starter battery or an external power bank could help power your devices for a few days or up to a week when living off-the-grid or in times of grid failure. It’s also smart to have a small solar panel charge up smaller batteries and keep personal devices running without dipping into the vehicle’s starter battery.

solar power control module

Spare Tire

Ensuring your spare tire is in good condition is extremely important. A well-maintained spare tire can be a game-changer in emergencies, providing a swift solution to unexpected flat tires. Regularly check the pressure and make sure it’s ready for action. A compromised spare tire could leave you stranded in a critical situation, underscoring the importance of this seemingly simple yet crucial aspect of preparedness. Choosing the proper, high-quality, and robust type of tire for your vehicle is also extremely important, as their reliability can be the difference between reaching your destination and becoming stranded.

Nitto Recon Grappler spare tire on Toyota Tacoma

Water & Filtration

Reliable water storage solutions are paramount to survival. In emergency scenarios, access to clean water is vital. Consider diverse options such as a scepter can, collapsible water containers, and extra bottles to ensure an adequate water supply. Moreover, integrating a mobile water filtration device into your emergency kit (like a Life Straw) enhances your ability to stay hydrated. If needed, you can source and purify water from various locations, giving yourself options depending on need.

Lifestraw and water bottle in truck drawer

A well-equipped Go Rig is instrumental for self-sufficiency during emergencies, allowing for extended periods of off-the-grid living, but remember to customize your setup to accommodate your specific needs (like dogs, kids, or significant others), which will dictate the selection of other essential items.

Go Rig overlanding truck with Roof Top tent extended on lake shore

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