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Go Topless! It's a Jeep Thing...


May 14th was the 9th Annual Go Topless Day hosted by All Things Jeep. Although the flagship event is held in New England every year, many Jeep clubs across the country hold local events to celebrate the warm weather of spring by taking their tops off and having fun in their Jeeps with trail rides, picnics, and charity events.


This year, we attended the Go Topless event hosted by the Misfits Offroad Club. The full day of fun was held at the 4Wheel Parts in Temecula, California. While there was a Jeep Jamboree taking place not far away in Big Bear, the Misfits event had a fantastic turnout and good support from vendors. 4Wheel Parts even had a great setup for the event with plenty of parking, vehicle display areas, a large vendor row, and plenty of fun for Jeep owners.


The Misfits hosted a raffle with some great prizes like a 50-inch light bar, a Gatekeeper by Excessive Industries, gift cards and a drone. The raffle proceeds benefitted COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors), an organization that provides support to the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.


The highlight of the event was the Car Crush. If you’ve never seen a Car Crush before, it is exactly what it sounds like – several old cars are chained together and secured so Jeeps can drive over top of them, crushing in the roofs and breaking the windows. We don’t envy whoever had to clean up the mess.


4Wheel Parts had four cars set up for the Car Crush. This Unlimited JK on Nitto Trail Grapplers made it look easy.


Others learned the hard way that bigger isn’t always better. This Ford F-250 Super Duty got stuck and had to be carefully towed off of the pile. The previously unscathed truck had some nice battle scars after that.


The women were showing off their skills behind the wheel too.


Not to be outdone by the guys, one woman drove over the car crush both forward and backwards, and made it look like a walk in the park.


At the far end of the Car Crush, there was an RTI ramp for more bragging rights.


Don’t forget to disconnect your sway bar before trying this at home! A quick reaction from the guys who jumped on to add weight to the high side averted the potential disaster.


We spotted Nitto team driver Bailey Cole relaxing and checking out the action from the top of his Ultra4 spec car.


Attendees enjoyed free tacos when they weren’t crushing cars, and the local radio station DJ kept the party going with more fun and games. Many participants enjoyed playing rock paper scissors to win prizes.


There was a salute to all military veterans with free raffle tickets provided for them.


Of course, there were plenty of highly modified rigs to check out, and not just topless Jeeps.


Check out the amazing paint job on Hendo’s Scout It’s a 1973 International Scout II owned by Dan Henderson and customized by Black Ops 4x4.


Black Ops 4x4 showed up with some of its big Jeeps.


Near the end of the event there was a pile on to see how many Jeeps could fit on top of the crushed cars. Six Jeeps and two trucks managed to get at least a tire on the pile of wreckage.

Thanks to the Misfits Offroad Club and 4Wheel Parts in Temecula for a great day of fun!

Did you attend a local Go Topless Event? Tell us about it in the comments!

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