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#GRIDLIFE Midwest’s 5 Fastest Street Legal Cars

Every time-attack competitor wants to be hair-splittingly fast, but there’s something extra special about a car that can dominate the track one day and (legally) get you to work the next. The Gingerman Raceway for #GRIDLIFE Midwest is the ultimate way to experience these multipurpose streetcars at their best.

Despite the Street Modified class restrictions, the quickest driver trailed just 11 seconds behind the overall and Unlimited Class winner, Tom O’Gorman, who ran a time of 1:24.485 around the 2.14-mile, 11-turn course. Now that’s a speedy grocery-getter.

Shawn Krebsbach's Street Mod Evo

Shawn Krebsbach took the new Street Mod overall record this year. RS Motors built and tuned his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 engine with 28 psi of boost blasting from a G25-550 turbocharger, and then they built the original transmission to handle the power. Professional Awesome Racing designed the cut-air splitter design, diffuser and fender vents. With that combination, Krebsbach blasted the car past the checkered flag with a time of 1:35.638, and there’s still more opportunity to up the horsepower. “Last season, I prepared myself and my car to set a fast lap right out of the gate for 2019,” he said. “The hard work paid off!”

His wasn't the only fast Street Modified car at the event. We've highlighted our five favorites, so that not only can you see their racing excellence, but also get some ideas on how to upgrade your own street-legal track car.

1. The "Ding Fling" Is the New Thing

Jackie Ding's supercharged ’07 Honda S2000

After a rough time at #GRIDLIFE’s recent Mid-Ohio opener, Jackie Ding thrashed to compete at the Midwest Motorsports Festival. BMSPEC provided the aerodynamics while TF Works offered a hand in prepping the car so Ding could come back with a vengeance, and with a patented-pending driving style called the “Ding Fling." In fact, he flung his supercharged ’07 Honda S2000 and all its 450hp over the finish line at 1:35.985, which earned him second in class and a new Track Modified RWD record. He was ecstatic about the well-earned outcome. “To have such a phenomenal showing at one of our biggest events of the year makes me extremely proud. This is exactly what motivated me to keep going through the tough times,” he said.

Jackie Ding's supercharged ’07 Honda S2000

2. The Boss Man

Eric Rockwell's 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302R

Eric Rockwell of Blue By You Racing (get it?) was just milliseconds behind Ding for the RWD Track Mod record at 1:36.558. He piloted the eye-catching deep blue and yellow liveried 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302R while his son, Alex Rockwell, competed with its equally striking light blue sibling in the Unlimited class. Eric’s 302R is powered by a 5.0L 32-valve Ford V8 that sends 450hp to the wheels.

3. Revving to the 9s

K-swapped Honda S2000 at Gridlife Midwest

This Honda S2000 is not like the other. Alex Moss’ S2000 is equipped with a ‘07 Acura TSX K24a2 engine, or in laymen’s terms, a K-swap. But that wasn’t enough: It’s also supercharged. Moss revved the yellow rocket ship around the course for a time of 1:37.243.

K-swapped supercharged Honda S2000 at Gridlife Midwest

4. Less Is More

Matt DeReus BMW M3 at Gridlife Midwest

Multi-#GRIDLIFE class winner Matt DeReus hones his skills by accomplishing more with less. After competing in his ‘03 Evo 8, and every racecar he could get his hands on, DeReus hit the track to compete in #GRIDLIFE’s time-attack series in his mostly-stock ‘03 BMW M3. The car’s reputation and DeReus’ dynamic driving secured a best time of 1:37.704. 

5. All the Horsepowers

Michael Aumick's 2008 Subaru WRX STI  at Gridlife Midwest

Michael Aumick, with the help of Turn in Concepts, pulled off a 1:38.076 around the track. That number is even more impressive when you consider Aumick’s power struggles with a severe case of understeer in his ‘08 Subaru WRX STI. Speaking of power, this thing is a beast. It’s equipped with a Garrett-charged (GTX3076r gen 2) IAG Stage 4 closed-deck engine. A twin-disc Competition Clutch kit drops 550 lb-ft of torque and 606hp to the wheels. 

Need a reminder of why #GRIDLIFE Midwest is so cool? Click here to see for yourself.

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