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Hot Rodding Redefined: Inside Village Customs [Video]

Tucked off a windy country road in rural Clayton, North Carolina, there’s a shop of a different kind. It’s called Village Customs, and owner Joshua Joyce will be the first to tell you that it isn’t a shop—it’s a friend group. Well known in the hot rod community for his Turbo Willys and Double Cab Deuce builds, Joyce has a knack for creating visually exciting vehicles and works of art. We say art because there’s more than just vehicles lining the Village Customs garage.

In fact, there’s a good half-dozen robot sculptures comprised of old scrap metal, many towering over the ground-dragging rat rod collection. We stopped by just as the annual Berniefest event was coming to a close. This was the fourth official Berniefest, which resulted in two roadsters and a flatbed hauler being constructed in just four days. Here, we got a chance to sit down with Joyce to learn more about the shop, Berniefest and what the future has in store for the builder.

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