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How It's Done in the Dirty South: Macon Meet

Pulling off a successful local car meet is a tough challenge. As with many cases in automotive culture, too often we isolate ourselves from each other, with the import guys meeting in one spot and time, truck guys in another, and classic car guys at yet another, often with zero overlap. Attempts to combine everyone together, if they happen at all, end up segregated, ruining the best intentions. While the recent trend in “Cars and Coffee” types of events have gone a long way to bring us together, these early morning meetups largely only work in larger cities. In Macon, GA, however, we’ve somehow managed to figure out a time and place to all get together, and enjoy each other’s company for a few hours on a Friday night.

Macon Meet - Corvette

The meets, which are held quarterly in downtown Macon, are organized by Michael Gibson. He’s unique in that he has a lot of friends in both the import and domestic communities, and has done a great job of pulling everyone together. His C5 Z06 on 360 Forged was one of the favorites of the evening.


Macon Meet - Porsche

Brad Boardwell is a bit of a legend around town, having spent over a decade putting together his carbon-bodied Porsche 911 Turbo. The car is currently for sale, so the new owner is definitely going to have a blast tracking this car.

Macon Meet - Mustang

Perhaps the fastest car at the show, Ashkan Serat’s Mustang is an X275 drag car that runs in the mid 4's 1/8 mile. More shocking however, was that the car is actually registered for street and was driven to the meet!

Macon Meet - Lexus IS

This bagged Lexus drew a lot of confused looks from a crowd where many weren’t used to modern stance trends. Nevertheless, the huge Work wheels and overfenders are a mean combo.

Macon Meet - Supra

Mark IV Supras are a great car for enthusiasts to come together on. For many Southerners that grew up on drag racing, it’s tough to argue against a big RWD car sitting on CCW Classics.

Macon Meet - Jeep

The XJ Jeep Cherokee has aged incredibly well for a ‘90s SUV. The simple, boxy silhouette and offroad prowess have kept it as a popular choice for off-roaders.

Macon Meet - El Camino

While the El Camino may not get as much love as some other GM classics, this LS-swapped 5th generation appropriately named “The Black Widow” made up for any lost love with the drag setup and matte black paint.

Macon Meet - Dodge This Dodge Power Wagon may have stolen the show. The truck had been given a complete frame-off restoration and sported a modern Cummins powertrain. Even the modern trucks with their lifts and enormous tires seemed to pale in comparison to the sheer brutality of this Dodge.

The Macon Meet has one of the most diverse showing of vehicles and enthusiasts around. Enjoy the rest of the gallery, I'm sure there's something for everyone to love!

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