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Hyundai Made This RN30 Concept? Believe It

Speaking of bad-ass concept cars from the 2016 Paris Motor Show, look at Hyundai's RN30. As part of its N Performance branch, this particular look into Hyundai's future is exactly what we crave: crazy aggressive aero styling and an ultra low stance, developed around the company's next generation i30 model. 

driving line hyundai rn30 02

At the heart of the RN30 is a 2.0L turbocharged engine, designed specifically for N production models and said to produce 380ps, thanks to a larger turbo and forged engine components. It also comes equipped with a wet-type dual-clutch transmission and AWD system. 

driving line hyundai rn30 05

The RN30's engineers made sure to keep the chassis as light as possible by choosing plastic materials developed by BASF as opposed to carbon fiber. They also further reduced the car's center of gravity by moving the seats back and lowering them. 

driving line hyundai rn30 03

Body enhancements include a widened body (extended 30mm outwards), "floating" overfenders, side splitters, a hood scoop to take more cool air into the engine bay, a rear spoiler to aid in downforce and a rear diffuser to accentuate the dual exhaust tips. 

driving line hyundai rn30 08

driving line hyundai rn30 10

Pop the doors open and upward to reveal a space age interior consisting of race bucket seats, custom built roll cage and a special video camera system that's mounted to custom gimbals that provide image stabilization during driving.

driving line hyundai rn30 12

Hopefully we see a production version of the RN30 somewhere down the road, but that remains largely to be seen. Imagine what could be done if this were to fall into the hands of a shop like Bisimoto?

driving line hyundai rn30 16

(Photos: Courtesy of Hyundai UK)

Discover more about Hyundai N and check the gallery below for more RN30 Concept images.


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