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Jeep Wagoneer Spy Photos

We caught this test mule for the 2021 Jeep Wagoneer running around a local suburb covered in a ton of camo, which we hope is hiding a retro-inspired look.

2021 Jeep Wagoneer front

The Wagoneer and larger Grand Wagoneer will be based on the 2019 Ram 1500 truck platform, which places it in direct competition with the also truck-based Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition, Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator. The luxury models will be positioned against the likes of the BMW X7, Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class and the Infiniti QX80, and many more.

2021 Jeep Wagoneer driver side

While it shares most of the under-mechanicals with the Ram 1500, the Wagoneer models will be updated to an independent rear suspension for better ride quality and road handling, and the interior package will incorporate a third-row seat. Adjustable ride height, a nice feature on the Ram, is also expected to be borrowed from the truck platform. The expected V6 and V8 engines will be offered, while the new turbo diesel inline-six and 48-volt hybrid system is also rumored to be available on newer Jeep models. Look for a plug-in hybrid variant after initial launch. 

2021 Jeep Wagoneer rear

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more updates on the vehicle—but expect to see the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer as early as spring 2020.

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